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The next Ring Chime Pro may have an all-new design

The next Ring Chime Pro may have an all-new design


It looks much nicer

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Federal Communications Commissions filings for a second generation of Amazon’s Ring Chime Pro had an image of the back of the device that hinted at a brand-new design for the plug-in Wi-Fi extender for Ring devices. Today, tech writer Dave Zatz shared an image on Twitter that seemingly reveals what the whole thing will look like.

The first-generation Ring Chime Pro was a small rectangular device with a speaker grille and two large antennas sticking up. But this new version looks to do away with the antennas, and it adds a fabric covering that could hide a speaker grille. Also noteworthy is the glowing blue ring in the corner, which might indicate that the new Ring Chime Pro has Amazon’s Alexa built in. If that’s true, it means you could use Alexa from the second-gen Ring Chime Pro to control your Ring camera on the front porch, for example.

The image Zatz shared also seems to match up with an image of the second-generation Ring Chime Pro in the FCC filings. Notice the similar shape and what appears to be a similar-looking fabric at the bottom of the device:

Image: FCC

Here’s what the current Ring Chime Pro looks like if you’re curious:

Image: Ring

From just the image Zatz shared and what we can see from the FCC filings, it’s hard to know exactly what new functionality may be in the new Ring Chime Pro. Amazon already has an Echo device that plugs directly into an outlet — the Echo Flex — so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that it could add similar functionality into a Ring device.

And with CES just around the corner, perhaps Amazon will share more about the new Ring Chime Pro at the big event.