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Under Armour’s smart scale and fitness tracker have stopped tracking weight, steps, and sleep

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So what’s even the point?

Under Armour HealthBox

Under Armour may have stopped making connected health gadgets since 2017, but it’s now halting software support entirely for its HealthBox collection, which included a scale, a wristband, and a chest-strapped heart rate monitor. As reported by Ars Technica, UA quietly pulled UA Record, its mobile app for tracking fitness and weight changes, from the App Store and Play Store on New Year’s Eve. A week later, the company said existing HealthBox customers would be able to keep using their gadgets, but only by migrating data over to MapMyFitness, a platform it acquired in 2013.

The problem? MapMyFitness isn’t exactly an appropriate replacement for UA Record, as it’s unable to track, well, most things you’d want to track with a connected health gadget. According to the FAQ, MapMy won’t be able to track steps, sleep, weight, or resting heart rate — the core metrics measured by a fitness band, a scale, and a heart rate monitor. It’s too bad because, apparently, the software is what had HealthBox going for it when we reviewed the collection at launch. Basically, the only things MapMy will track are your workout stats and calories burned.

If you were already using UA Record, you’ll have until March 31st before Under Armour kills the app altogether. It’s safe to say you also shouldn’t expect any software updates, bug fixes, or other kinds of support relating to the app, either. It’s the standard risk you should consider with any Internet of Things product: if you don’t love using it as an offline item, know that that might be what you end up with at any given moment since this practice is apparently a norm.