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This hour-long Splatoon concert features holographic squid kids

This hour-long Splatoon concert features holographic squid kids


K.K. Slider is a great opening act

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Arguably the most important characters in Splatoon 2 are Pearl and Marina, a pair of aquatic DJs who host the show that airs each time you boot up the game. Outside of a few rare events, you don’t really get to see them perform, though. That’s what makes this new video from Nintendo so cool. It features the two virtual performers on a real stage with real musicians for close to an hour of wonderfully incomprehensible music.

The concert actually took place last October, at an event called Nintendo Live 2019 in Kyoto. The Splatoon 2 pair were joined on tage by Callie and Marie, the squid sisters from the original game, and the opening act was none other than K.K. Slider, the singing dog from Animal Crossing.

This kind of virtual performance isn’t a new concept, of course. Similar technologies have allowed the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku to tour with real bands, and Riot Games has made augmented reality concerts a staple of the opening ceremonies for its League of Legends World Championships. Splatoon is a particularly good fit for this kind of performance given how its world, despite being about sentient squids battling with ink, was heavily influenced by hip-hop and skateboard culture. You can check out the entire performance in the video above.