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Moment announces its first accessories for mirrorless and DSLR cameras

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The company’s new filters are aimed at video creators

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Moment announces its first accessories for large cameras.
Moment announces its first Variable ND filters for DSLR cameras and drones
Image: Moment

Moment, a company that’s well-known for its smartphone and drone accessories, has announced a first: a lineup of filters for full-blown mirrorless and DSLR camera lenses.

“We’ve shot with a lot of Variable ND filters. They were either too expensive or the quality wasn’t there,” reads a statement on the company’s website.

“What makes these filters unique is the quality, price, and ability to see your stops through the viewfinder when you shoot,” the statement continues.

The company has announced three sets of Variable ND filters for mirrorless and DSLR camera lenses: a 67mm, a 77mm, and an 82mm filter, all of which are available as a 2-5 stop or a 6-9 stop. They’ll retail for $149.99, $159.99, and $169.99, respectively.

Variable ND filters attach to a camera lens to control the amount of light that enters the camera. While regular ND filters make your shots darker by a set amount, variable ND filters allow you to adjust to different environments (typically by twisting a ring on the outside), so you don’t have to swap between different filters. They’re primarily useful for creators who shoot video outdoors in bright light or are often moving from brighter to darker scenes.

Uniquely, the filters have labels etched into their back edges that allow users to see what stop they’re shooting from behind the viewfinder. It’s a handy tool for less experienced photographers, in particular.

As they stand, Moment’s filters aren’t budget products; their prices put them in the typical range for the category. But some top competitors, such as the VND Peter McKinnon Edition, are marked at upwards of $250. Moment, from the looks of it, is hoping to deliver similar premium quality at a (somewhat) lower price.

Moment also announced a set of variable ND filters for drones — specifically, the popular Mavic 2 Pro, a drone that Verge video director Vjeran Pavic praised for its excellent image quality and controls. These will go for $79.99, putting them about in line with other filters of their kind.

Moment has announced its first accessories for large cameras.
Moment has announced three sets of Variable ND filters for mirrorless and DSLR camera lenses.
Image: Moment

These aren’t Moment’s first accessories for drones — the company launched clip-on lenses for the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom on Kickstarter last July, and it also sells clip-on ND and CPL filters — but they are its first of the Variable ND variety.

Moment has spent the past several years making a name for itself with clip-on smartphone lenses. It launched its first anamorphic lens for filmmakers in 2018 which, at $149, remains one of the cheapest ways to shoot extra-wide images. As of last summer, the anamorphic was Moment’s top-selling lens, so it’s not surprising to see the company expanding more into the creator space. Meanwhile, Moment’s signature Wide 18mm lens and Telephoto 58mm lens remain a favorite of reviewers across the internet.

You can purchase the new filters now in Moment’s online store.

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