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Google’s upcoming call recording feature could also support transcription

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More details have leaked about the unannounced feature

New call recording feature.
Image: XDA Developers

Code discovered in the latest version of the Google Phone app has revealed more details about its unannounced call recording feature, 9to5Google reports. Most intriguing is a snippet of code that suggests the upcoming feature addition could also support call transcription, which would be similar to the Recorder app that the company debuted on the Pixel 4. XDA Developers has since managed to get the call recording feature partially working on a Pixel 4, but not transcriptions.

The newly uncovered code also gives us an idea of how Google is attempting to overcome the “security and privacy implications” that prevented call recording from being included in Android 10. Code snippets suggest that the app will warn you to comply with local laws while using the feature, and it also plays a short audio clip to warn participants when a call is being recorded.

The record button is accessed from the main calling interface.
Image: XDA Developers
Afterwards, the recordings and transcriptions could be accessible from the call log.
Image: XDA Developers

Recorded calls can reportedly be played back from the call log according to XDA Developers, and can also be exported as .wav files if you want to listen to them elsewhere.

What’s still unclear is when the new functionality could launch. However, a big new feature like this feels like a prime candidate for one of the new “feature drops” that Google is promising to provide for its Pixel handsets. The Google Phone app is currently the default dialer app on Google Pixel, Android One, and Xiaomi’s European smartphones.

Update January 29th, 7:40AM ET: Updated with firsthand impressions from XDA Developers.