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Delta is limiting flights between the US and China due to coronavirus outbreak

The reduced schedule begins on February 6th

Delta Airlines (STOCK)

Delta announced today that it will be temporarily reducing flights between the US and China due to “significantly reduced customer demand” that has resulted from concerns about the coronavirus. This marks the third US airline to drastically change its operations in response to the outbreak, after United and American announced similar flight cancellations between the US and China earlier this week.

Delta says all of its US-China flights will still operate from the same locations, but it will reduce the number of weekly flights from those places from 42 to “approximately” 21. That reduced schedule starts February 6th and will go through April 30th, though Delta says it may adjust that timeline “as the situation continues to evolve.”

Delta’s timeline is much longer than that of American Airlines, which has canceled flights between Los Angeles and mainland China from February 7th through March 26th, or United Airlines, which has only suspended flights between US hubs and some Chinese cities between February 1st and February 8th.

If you’re already booked for a flight that is affected by this change, Delta says it will proactively reach out to you to help you find an alternate flight.

British Airways has also suspended flights to China out of caution for coronavirus.