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Nanoleaf’s smart lighting system learns, senses, and reacts to needs

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Lofty claims for the company’s new Learning Series

Nanoleaf’s interactive Hexagon Unified Light Panels are coming this summer.
Image: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf is stepping beyond decorative light panels with a new smart lighting system. Nanoleaf says its new Learning Series “intuitively learns, senses and reacts to users needs” without relying upon voice or manual controls thanks to the company’s U-IQ sensors and algorithms. The company is also announcing a release date for the interconnecting hexagon light panels first announced last year at CES.

“At Nanoleaf, we don’t believe people want to spend time configuring schedules, opening an app or even use voice commands. So we asked ourselves, ‘what should smart lighting actually feel like?’” said Nanoleaf CEO and co-founder Gimmy Chu. “With the Learning Series, we’re creating a truly intelligent lighting system that learns, senses and reacts, so that your lighting simply works as you need it to, and rarely require any adjustments.”

The Nanoleaf Learning Series of devices.
Image: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf is making some lofty claims without offering much to back them up — as is typical for new smart home entrants. What we do know is that the new Learning Series will be rather ordinary out of the gate: there’s a $14.99 Learning Button, $19.99 Learning Light Bulb, and $49.99 Learning Switch. Devices will also be sold in kits starting at $99. Nanoleaf didn’t provide an availability date, however.

Nanoleaf’s existing light panels already react to sound and touch. Each panel can also be used as an interactive smart button to trigger Apple’s HomeKit devices with a tap, double-tap, or long press. Nanoleaf lighting can be controlled via Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The company also says its six-sided Hexagon Unified Light Panels, first announced in January 2019, will be available this summer. A 9-pack will cost $119.99, while a 3-hexagon expansion pack is priced at $59.99.