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Apple now lets you engrave a poop emoji on your AirPods case

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Or you can pick from one of 30 other options

Apple has long offered the option to engrave text on select products purchased through its online store. And now, you’re able to engrave emoji onto the company’s AirPods cases, too (via MacRumors).

Apple only lets you engrave a limited set of emoji, but there are some pretty fun options, including the fist bump, all of the Zodiac animals, and the poop emoji. Here are all of the emoji that you can engrave:

Unfortunately, Apple won’t let you engrave both text and emoji on your AirPods case; you have to pick one or the other. But if you only get text engraved on the case, it appears Apple has made the engraved font significantly larger than it was before.

Hopefully, Apple will add more emoji choices in the future (perhaps the waffle or yawning face emoji?).