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Giphy and Infinite Objects will let you gift a physical GIF to your valentine

Giphy and Infinite Objects will let you gift a physical GIF to your valentine


Infinite Objects is also launching an on-demand video printing service

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This Valentine’s Day, let that special someone know your love is as infinite as a GIF that loops forever. Giphy is partnering with “video printing” company Infinite Objects to sell six Valentine’s-themed GIFs that are memorialized on a digital display and will sell for $49 each. The original GIFs were created by Giphy Studios, the company’s in-house creative agency, and they feature cute animations like cherries, cats, and dinosaurs in love.

But $49 sounds like a lot for something that’s basically a digital photo frame with even less functionality since the videos can’t be swapped. Infinite Objects’ aim is to be more of an art collectible than a gadget. Its pieces are normally editioned displays that start around the $250 price point and treat each video as a limited piece of art. “You are not buying a gadget; you are collecting a video,” the company explains on its FAQ page. “An Infinite Object is a looping video in a permanent display that you can’t update. There are no buttons, no connectivity, and no app.”

Infinite Objects is also launching its on-demand video printing service in beta today, which will let users upload and customize their own videos inside of an Infinite Object. The IO Creator Tool will let users edit videos with speed, zoom, rotation, loop, and color filters, and “print” them in small ($59) and large ($79) frames. The beta is only available for a limited time, so hop to it if you want to memorialize a video “in the same permanent way as a framed photograph.”