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After being banned in 2019, Lora DiCarlo returns to CES with two new sex toys and awards

After being banned in 2019, Lora DiCarlo returns to CES with two new sex toys and awards


$3 million of its first product sold in five weeks

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Left to right: the Baci, Osé, and Onda.
Left to right: the Baci, Osé, and Onda.
Image: Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is unveiling two new sex toys at CES today, a year after the company was kicked out of the show. The two products, the Onda and Baci, are the company’s second and third robotic massagers, and both have been given CES innovation awards.

The fact that Lora DiCarlo is at CES at all is notable. Last year, the company was initially approved to exhibit its first massager, the Osé, and it was given an innovation award in robotics. The Consumer Technology Association, which hosts the show, later said this had been a mistake and revoked Lora DiCarlo’s award and ability to attend the show. The CTA claimed that sex tech was prohibited at the show, even though some sex tech companies have been allowed to exhibit for years.

More than 10,000 units of the Osé were sold in five weeks

Months later, the CTA revisited that decision, reinstating the award and agreeing to allow some sex tech companies to attend this year’s show. Naturally, Lora DiCarlo is among the sex tech exhibitors this first year, having been the company responsible for kickstarting the conversation around CES’s unevenly enforced policies.

In addition to its new massagers, Lora DiCarlo is also announcing sales figures around the Osé. The Osé became available for preorder in late November 2019, and the company says it brought in more than $3 million in sales before the end of the year. The massager sells for $290 — so roughly 10,000 units were sold. It’s supposed to begin shipping later this month.

The Onda and Baci are planned to launch in March. They appear to be less-expensive, more focused versions of the Osé, essentially breaking the product in two: the Onda, a “robotic g-spot massager,” and the Baci, a “robotic clitoral stimulator.”