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The smart toothbrush is an idea that refuses to die

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Get more information about your brushing habits than you ever needed

Image: Oral-B

CES means there’s no shortage of “smart” connected gadgets, and toothbrushes are no exception. Oral-B and Colgate are launching new smart toothbrushes this year: the Oral-B iO and the Colgate Plaqless Pro Toothbrush.

Oral-B has released several smart toothbrushes before, like the $220 Oral-B Genius X, which used sensor data and an “AI algorithm” to give suggestions on where to focus on brushing. The Oral-B iO also claims it has artificial intelligence and algorithms to “facilitate achieving perfect brushing results in all 16 zones for superior oral health,” which is just marketing nonsense using AI as a buzzword. This time, the iO has added a new “magnetic drive,” which is responsible for the microvibrations of the bristles. The iO has seven different brushing modes, and it connects to the mobile Oral-B app via Bluetooth to give users feedback on their brushing performance. It’s got 12.5 days of battery life, takes three hours to charge fully, and operates at 145Hz movement speed.

The Oral-B iO and app

Colgate released its first E1 smart toothbrush in 2018, which was (surprisingly) an Apple Store exclusive. Its new smart toothbrush will detect buildup — presumably plaque and other bacterial films that stick to teeth — and it claims it will help improve user brushing by “providing precise information in real time that is specific to each mouth.” It’s not clear how, exactly, the brush senses that buildup or how that information will be used to make you brush better.

The Colgate Plaqless Pro

There’s no pricing or release information for either toothbrush yet, so you can hold on to those free toothbrushes you get from the dentist for now.