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HP’s updated Elite Dragonfly G2 is the first laptop with a built-in Tile tracker

HP’s updated Elite Dragonfly G2 is the first laptop with a built-in Tile tracker


The new model also has Intel’s 10th Gen chips and optional 5G

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HP’s Elite Dragonfly was a surprisingly great laptop for a business-focused device, and at CES 2020, HP is already announcing an upgraded version: the Elite Dragonfly G2. The updated model adds better chips, more storage, and two intriguing new options: a 5G modem and a built-in Tile tracker, which is the first on a laptop.

From the outside, the Dragonfly G2 looks virtually identical to its predecessor, which is a good thing, given that the original model looks great. Most of the updates here are largely to put the spec sheet on par with other modern Windows laptops by adding Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors (compared to the 8th Gen chips that the 2019 model shipped with), including a six-core option. There are also new 1TB and 2TB storage options for those who need more space.

It’s the two other configuration options that are most interesting, though. First, a Qualcomm X55 LTE + 5G modem will add support for the next-gen wireless standard (compared to the optional LTE support on last year’s model). Details are slim since HP is not providing carrier support or pricing, but offering faster 5G speeds built directly into a laptop is an intriguing combination.

The other big addition is an optional integrated Tile tracker. Tile has touted its Bluetooth trackers’ abilities to keep track of laptops for years, but it’s always required the rather inelegant solution of sticking a physical tracker to your laptop’s lid. The Dragonfly G2, however, is the first laptop to offer the tracking technology built directly into the laptop, allowing you to track it like any other Tile device without having to worry about separate hardware. The laptop can be tracked so long as it has battery life left. (Apple uses a similar method to track its MacBook computers for its Find My tracking.) HP also isn’t the first company to partner with Tile to track hardware; Bose, Boosted, and other brands added support for the Bluetooth tracking system last year.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, the Dragonfly G2 is being sold only a business device, meaning that it’ll likely be trickier to get one if you’re an average customer. There’s no price or release date yet for when the Dragonfly G2 will be available to purchase.