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Mophie looks to the car to expand its line of batteries

Mophie looks to the car to expand its line of batteries


The Powerstation Go will charge your phone and jump-start your car

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Mophie is expanding its battery portfolio in an effort to conquer the car and, well, sell more batteries. The company announced its Powerstation Go today, a portable battery that can jump-start a car while also wirelessly charging your phone. It’s available in six colors: black, cobalt, pink, brown, gold, and sapphire, and it costs $159.95. It goes on sale on January 9th.

The 44,400mWh battery supports Qi-enabled devices and includes a 65W AC output and two USB-A charging ports. It also comes with two 14-inch mini jumper cables that connect to the battery through an EC5 port. The downside of these cables is that they’re proprietary and only work with Mophie’s battery, which means you can’t use third-party cables to jump-start a car from this battery. Hopefully you have them on hand if your car breaks down!

It takes nine hours to fully charge the Powerstation Go, which requires more than a 50 percent charge to jump-start a car.

Portable batteries specifically designed to jump-start cars are nothing new, of course, and other brands are also beginning to market their products as charge-everything devices. They position their batteries as capable of charging any gadget, including phones, wireless earbuds, and tablets. In an emergency, having a battery to charge your phone seems infinitely more useful than one that solely jump-starts a car.

Mophie’s expansion into the car space makes sense given that it’s already well-known for its battery cases and smaller portable batteries. Mophie needs to keep expanding its lineup to keep selling batteries, and the car is a good place to focus.