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Kwikset’s Halo Touch smart lock trades a numpad for a fingerprint scanner

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Don’t press digits; swipe your own digit

Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock
Image: Kwikset

Door lock manufacturer Kwikset has announced the new Halo Touch, a Wi-Fi-connected smart lock that can also be unlocked with the swipe of a finger. Instead of a number pad that you use to input a PIN, like many other smart locks, the Halo Touch has a small fingerprint scanner on which you swipe a finger to lock or unlock the door. It will be available later this year for $249.

Since the Halo Touch lacks a numpad, it has a smaller size than most smart locks. The fingerprint scanner is just above the standard keyhole, and there is a strip of LED lights to confirm readings above that. Otherwise, it basically looks like any standard deadbolt, just with a black spot in the middle where you scan your finger.

Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock.
Image: Kwikset

Kwikset says all of the fingerprints are stored on the lock and are not sent to the cloud. It can store up to 100 fingerprints across 50 different user profiles. The Kwikset app lets you remotely monitor and control the lock from anywhere you have an internet connection.

In addition, the Halo Touch supports both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, but it does not support Apple’s HomeKit platform. It will be available in “traditional” and “contemporary” designs in three different finish options.