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LG’s CES press conference tried to convince us of its AI future

LG’s CES press conference tried to convince us of its AI future


The company is doubling down on its support of the ‘real 8K’ standard

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In its press conference at CES today, LG presented its upcoming lines of TVs and kitchen appliances for the coming year. This year, the emphasis was on AI: in fact, the first 20 minutes of the presentation pushed a speculative look at the future of AI as a consumer service.

Once it got down to its product announcements, LG started with its newest kitchen appliances. First up was the LG ThinQ washer and dryer. According to LG, the washer will not only detect the volume and weight of laundry but also the type of fabric used in each load. It can also automatically select the optimal wash cycle. With smart pairing, the washer will automatically send the correct setting to the dryer. Another laundry product called the LG TwinWash will include two washers, one on top of the other, for small loads and larger loads simultaneously.

Passing on to the kitchen, LG is presenting new models of its InstaView fridges, which feature 22-inch panels that turn transparent so you can look inside without wasting the cold. The presentation featured a fridge called InstaView with Craft Ice, which makes slow-melting ice balls (in case that’s important to you).

If you want to see what’s in your oven, LG has announced the InstaView Oven, a convection oven that lets you see what’s going on inside. It includes air fry features and accepts recipes and cooking instructions from your phone. A Signature wine cellar lets you see your wine collection without opening the door, and it includes multi-temperature control.

LG also talked about its new Proactive Customer Care, which will use AI to help prevent problems (by, say, warning customers if they’re putting too much soap in the washer) and automatically alerting them to problems that may need repair.

On the TV front, LG introduced six new models of what it calls “real 8K” TVs, which adhere to the Consumer Technology Association’s definition of 8K (as opposed to the certification that Samsung recently announced from the 8K Association. They sport LG’s Alpha 9 Gen3 AI processors, which it says will take advantage of the screens’ over 33 million pixels to optimize both picture and sound quality.

The company also stated that four of its premium LCD models will feature LG NanoCell technology, which is developed to produce deeper colors at wider angles, along with two 8K models.

In all, LQ promised 18 different ultra-large models across its 2020 lineup and 13 new OLED models that range from 48 inches to 88 inches.

Other announcements included the NextGenTV, a new internet protocol broadcast standard, which LG said about 60 markets were expected to launch over the next year. Other features mentioned include ThinQ AI to allow hands-free voice control, enhanced gaming displays using Nvidia’s G-sync technology, and a 20mm-thin display as part of LG’s gallery series. The LG Signature OLED R rollable TV that has been the centerpiece of its previous presentations got only a brief mention. (It’s promised — again — for the market this year.)

No prices or ship dates were given. Perhaps LG will develop an AI bot to determine that stuff when these products are announced again next year.

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