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Nvidia’s new GeForce driver includes highly requested max frame rate feature

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Nvidia’s first 2020 driver update also improves VR game quality

Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

Nvidia is releasing a new GeForce game ready driver in time for CES 2020 today. While Nvidia’s 2019 driver updates have included some pretty big features, today’s update includes the highly requested max frame rate feature. Lots of games now include the ability to set a max frame rate or limit, but Nvidia is now allowing you to set this across all apps and games that use your GPU.

It’s a useful addition if you’re using a G-Sync monitor and want to cap frames just under the display refresh rate, or more importantly, if you’re on a laptop and you want to save some battery life when you’re playing without power. Nvidia says it’s the number one requested feature from its GPU users.

Alongside the frame rate limit, this driver also includes Variable Rate Super Sampling (VRSS). This improves image quality in VR games by separating shading rate and resolution to improve different parts of the frame that you’re focused on in VR. Nvidia is also including eight more G-Sync compatible displays to bring the total number of displays supported up to 90.