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AMD and Intel’s new chips go head-to-head inside Acer’s Swift 3

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AMD’s new Ryzen 4000 series processors are starting to launch

Intel and AMD’s latest processors are going head-to-head inside Acer’s new Swift 3 laptop. Acer is allowing consumers to pick between a 14-inch AMD-powered laptop or a 13.5-inch Intel version. Both laptops are largely the same, apart from the processors that power them and the screen sizes.

Lenovo also unveiled its own Yoga laptop with a choice between Intel or AMD earlier today, and it looks like we’ll be seeing lots more options, thanks to AMD’s new Ryzen 4000 series chips. Much like Lenovo, Acer is pricing its AMD option starting at less than the Intel equivalent. The AMD model will start at $599, while the Intel version is $699.

AMD variant of the Acer Swift 3.

On the AMD side, Acer is using AMD’s new Ryzen 7 4700U processor, coupled with a 14-inch 1080p display. The Intel variant of the Swift 3 starts at 10th Gen Core i3 processors all the way up to Core i7, coupled with a 13.5-inch display with a 2256 x 1504 resolution. Both laptops include up to 16GB of RAM, a USB Type-C port, two USB-A ports, HDMI port, and a headphone jack. You can configure the Intel system with up to 1TB of SSD storage, while the AMD model supports up to 512GB. Both models also support Windows Hello facial recognition and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Acer is making the Intel Swift 3 available in North America in March starting at $699, with the AMD variant launching slightly later in May starting at $599.

Intel variant of the Acer Swift 3.