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Roku launches program to let third-party soundbars integrate with Roku TV

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TCL and Denon will release the first Roku TV Ready soundbars

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Roku already has its own soundbar and speakers on the market, but today the company is announcing a new program that will let third parties release products that work seamlessly with the Roku TV platform. People with a Roku TV television will be able to control these soundbars directly with the Roku remote and through the system settings.

Obviously soundbars already work with Roku TVs, but the idea here is to let customers fuss with fewer remotes and be able to dig into advanced options right from the Roku TV OS. Specifically, if you see something with a Roku TV Ready badge on the box later this year, it means you can expect “smooth setup, easy on-screen access to sound settings, and volume control with one remote.”

Roku notes that participating in the Roku TV Ready program comes “at no additional cost.”

TCL and Denon are the first companies on board, with both planning soundbars for this year. Before any products hit the market, Roku TVs will receive a firmware update to enable the new functionality in the coming months.