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What could this new Peloton monitor be for?

What could this new Peloton monitor be for?


Are the Peloton rower or cheaper bikes and treadmills coming?

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

An FCC filing released today suggests that Peloton is working on a new monitor of some sort. The listing classifies the product as a “console,” the first from Peloton to hit the FCC listings since 2018, after its treadmill launched. The only accompanying photo is a label that seems to go on the back of the screen, with display and power ports along the center.

Current Peloton bike monitors follow a model number starting with “RB” while the Tread monitor starts with “TC.” The new listing today indicates a model number of “TTR01” — something we hadn’t seen before.

Since last year, Peloton is rumored to be working on a rowing machine and cheaper versions of its popular bike and treadmill, which currently retail for $2,245 and $4,295 respectively. The company unveiled its Tread back at CES in 2018 and showed it off again in 2019, but has elected not to exhibit at this year’s convention.

Peloton also came under fire last summer when it announced it would no longer support software updates for bikes using the first generation of its tablet screens. The bikes would still allow users to stream live and on-demand classes, but riders would not receive updates like a new personalized homepage, class suggestions, workout metric displays, or bug fixes.

It’s unclear whether the new monitor detailed in today’s FCC filing is just another refresh for an existing machine, but given that Peloton CEO John Foley has hinted at a “better, best” growth strategy, it’s likely that a new class of Peloton machines is on its way.