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Origin’s Big O doesn’t make you choose between console or PC gaming

Origin’s Big O doesn’t make you choose between console or PC gaming


This time, you can actually buy it

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Last year, in honor of its 10th anniversary, Origin built the Big O — a massive custom gaming PC that also had an Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and a Nintendo Switch dock built into the same chassis. At the time, it was just a one-off concept, but now, Origin is actually selling it, albeit in a more practical form that combines a gaming PC with a single console: either an Xbox One S or PS4 Pro.

It’s not quite as absurd as the original, which crammed all three modern consoles into a single box alongside a top-notch gaming PC. But the consumer-friendly result is still an impressive build, with Corsair effectively dismantling an Xbox One S or PS4 Pro and managing to fit it inside the (admittedly extremely large) Corsair Crystal Series 280X case.

According to Origin, both the console and the PC will have separate power plugs and HDMI outputs, so you can choose to use just one half of the system or both at the same time. The big pitch with the Origin Big O — aside from bragging rights — is that it’s, in theory, the perfect streaming device, allowing you to play games on your console of choice while outputting streaming video on the PC half of the hardware. To that end, Origin will also integrate an Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card directly into the build for an extra $489.

The Big O starts at $2,499

The Big O starts at $2,499, which gets you the most basic setup: an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a 1TB mechanical hard drive, a six-core Intel Core i5 9600K processor, 16GB of RAM, Origin’s Frostbyte 120 liquid cooling system, an Nvidia GTX 1660 GPU, a 240GB SSD, and a 450W power supply.

Upgrading to a PS4 Pro over the Xbox costs an additional $146 (sadly, there’s no way to build a Big O with both consoles), and obviously, the final price will depend heavily on what specs for the PC half of the system you choose.

The Big O is available to order now from Origin, with the desktop said to ship in 14 to 16 days.