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Philips Hue gets three new outdoor lights

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A spotlight, a wall light, and a path light

Philips Hue Appear wall light
Photo: Signify

At CES this week, three new outdoor lights are being unveiled for Philips Hue: a path light, a spotlight, and a wall-mounted fixture with lights that shine up and down.

Outdoor Hue light fixtures started appearing in 2018, and there are already eight or so options, ranging from a floodlight to different styles of wall lights. These new models offer more style options more than they expand the lineup into new areas.

The new options include:

  • Econic pedestal light: a small path light, for $129.99
  • Lily XL spotlight: a larger version of the existing Lily spotlight, for $139.99
  • Appear wall fixture: a cylindrical fixture with color-changing lights on the top and bottom that emit a triangle of light in either direction, for $139.99
Image: Philips

All three of the new options include Bluetooth, so you won’t need a Hue hub to use them. Signify, which makes Philips Hue, has been building Bluetooth into new Hue products since last year, making the lighting system easier to start using.

Two other Hue updates are being announced today. The Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, which syncs your lights with what’s happening on your TV, is gaining voice control support through Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. That’s supposed to arrive this spring. The Hue app is also getting an update: it’ll now display the battery level of accessories, and the zones feature — which gives you a way to group your lights within rooms — is coming out of beta and can now work with all lights and accessories.