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Goal Zero’s newest battery is the ‘most powerful Yeti to date’

Goal Zero’s newest battery is the ‘most powerful Yeti to date’


New Yeti X range offers backup power for the home or just your gadgets

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The 6000X is “the most powerful Yeti to date.”
The 6000X is “the most powerful Yeti to date.”
Image: Goal Zero

Goal Zero, the maker of portable batteries both big and small, is rolling out its all-new Yeti X models at CES. They range in sizes suitable for home backup power to everyday on-the-go charging.

The Yeti X lineup expands from four to six models, all with USB-C Power Delivery and faster solar charging, thanks to MPPT (maximum power point tracking). They’re also adding regulated 12V ports for better compatibility with devices like portable fridges.

At the top of the range is the 6000X, “the most powerful Yeti to date.” It’s designed to run critical home circuits for days at a time. The top three Yeti X models have been bumped from 1500W to 2000W AC inverters, suitable for powering most household appliances. They can also be charged twice as fast as previous models. At the low end of the new range is the relatively compact and lightweight 200X.

Although Goal Zero doesn’t list specs, the model number is a rough indicator of each battery’s capacity in watt-hours. Models announced include the Yeti 6000X, 3000X, 1500X, 1000X, 500X, and 200X.

<em>Yeti 200X.</em>


Yeti 200X.
image: Goal Zero

The company is also updating the Yeti App to version 3.0. It shows historical energy flows broken down by days, weeks, months, and years with varying precision. Users can also select customized charging modes to optimize battery lifespan. For example, “Battery Saver Mode” ensures the Yeti X only charges up to 85 percent and never discharges below 15 percent.

The Yeti 200X is available now, but the beefier batteries will be released “throughout 2020,” according to Goal Zero. No prices were given.