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OnePlus’ latest feature will stop your phone from overcharging overnight

OnePlus’ latest feature will stop your phone from overcharging overnight


Similar to Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging feature

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

OnePlus has announced a new feature called Optimized Charging, which aims to make your phone’s battery last longer by changing the way it charges. The feature, which was first spotted in beta in December, will stop your phone from charging to above 80 percent until 100 minutes before you’re expected to unplug it. Only then will it let your device fully charge. The limitation is meant to minimize the amount of time your phone spends charging at 100 percent — which can cause its battery to degrade faster over time. 

OnePlus isn’t the first company to introduce a feature like this. Apple announced its own Optimized Battery Charging feature with iOS 13, and Asus’ phone software supports similar functionality. However, it’s great to see other companies adopting such a potentially useful feature so quickly.

The featured entered beta in December

The key challenge to overcome with the functionality appears to be the guesswork involved with trying to work out when someone’s going to unplug their phone. OnePlus says that its software attempts to use your daily wake-up time, first alarm, or first event to guess when that might be, but after a few weeks, it should learn when this happens of its own accord. In the future, OnePlus says it’s hoping to improve its predictions to account for changing sleep patterns on weekends or changing time zones.

OnePlus says that you’ll be able to turn the feature on or off using the Optimized Charging option in the battery settings menu. The company also says that while your phone’s charge level is idling at 80 percent, it will show a muted notification with an option to override the setting if you need to (similar to iOS 13).

OnePlus’ announcement doesn’t specify exactly when the feature will arrive or which OnePlus handsets it will be available on, but given it’s been available in a beta form since last month we’d imagine it’s not too far away. We’ve contacted OnePlus for more information and will update this piece when we hear back.