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Chrome is toning down its notification requests

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Invasive pop-ups are a big complaint among users

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Chrome is cutting down on annoying browser notifications with its latest update. As part of this “quieter” new notification process for desktop and mobile, Chrome will automatically enable the new UI for users who tend to block notification requests as well as for sites with low opt-in rates. Users can also manually opt in to the less intrusive UI through the settings tab.

Google has been experimenting with less invasive prompts since last year. According to Chrome, notifications are a common complaint among users. “Unsolicited permission requests interrupt the user’s workflow and result in a bad user experience,” a post on its official blog reads.

The new “quiet mode” UI, on both desktop and mobile

Browsers like Firefox have taken similar steps to cut down on notification spam. Mozilla’s update, which rolled out this week, was the result of research that found pop-ups were unpopular with its users.

Chrome has further plans to fight against notifications for ads, malware, and deceptive purposes; more information will be released later this year.