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Almost everyone at CollegeHumor is fired as new owner asks the internet for help

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The cuts affect CollegeHumor, Dorkly, Drawfee, and Dropout

AOL Build Speaker Series - Sam Reich Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage

As of today, the venerable comedy concern CollegeHumor Media is mostly dead. In the words of Sam Reich, its chief commercial officer, IAC “has made the difficult decision to no longer finance us,” he wrote in a Twitter thread this afternoon. “Today, 100+ brilliant people lost their jobs, some of whom are my dear, dear friends.” That means the cuts hit every vertical: CollegeHumor, Dorkly, Drawfee, and Dropout — only five to 10 people are left, according to Bloomberg.

The news, however, wasn’t all bad: IAC agreed to let Reich become the humor company’s majority owner. “Of course, I can’t keep it going like you’re used to,” Reich wrote further down in the thread. “While we were on the way to becoming profitable, we were nonetheless losing money — and I myself have no money to be able to lose.”

It’s a strange and sad ending for the 20-year-old humor site, which was acquired by IAC in 2006 and launched the careers of a thousand internet stars. (Remember Jake and Amir?) Reich’s plan, as he tweeted on Wednesday, is to double down on Dropout, the company’s subscription-based streaming service.

“In these six months, I hope to be able to save Dropout, CollegeHumor, Drawfee, Dorkly, and many of our shows,” Reich wrote. “Some will need to take on bold new creative directions in order to survive. You may not agree with all of them. And this won’t be the last time I ask for your support.”