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Hello Kitty is getting a new, adorable Tamagotchi treatment

Hello Kitty is getting a new, adorable Tamagotchi treatment


A tiny pixelated cat to help you take care of your virtual pet

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The newest Tamagotchi model from Bandai will let Tamagotchi owners use Hello Kitty to help them take care of their tiny pet.

Think of Hello Kitty as a co-parent to the tiny Tamagotchi pet that people will nurture and help grow. It will appear on screen to help feed the Tamagotchi pet (with milk or apple pie), clean up, and generally just hang out. Everything else about the Tamagotchi should be familiar to people who have played with Bandai’s past virtual pet gadgets, but now with the added cuteness of Hello Kitty appearing throughout the day.

“For generations, Hello Kitty has connected with people through friendship,” Susan Tran, director of brand marketing at Sanrio, Inc., said in a press release. “We’re so excited to partner with Bandai America on the portable Tamagotchi that will offer fans a fun and interactive way to connect with their friend Hello Kitty throughout the day.”

The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi will come in two different plastic shells: a white shell with Hello Kitty’s red bow and whiskers, and a red shell that’s covered in Hello Kitty’s favorite things. They’ll be available to purchase at hobby shops, GameStop, and Amazon beginning in December 2020, and at other retailers like Target beginning in January 2021. The new Tamagotchi is available for preorder now.