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Rez Infinite is still a VR classic on the Oculus Quest

Rez Infinite is still a VR classic on the Oculus Quest


It’s a Quest 2 launch title

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Enhance’s Oculus Quest version of Rez Infinite is coming just in time for the release of the new Quest 2 headset. The Quest version will be released on Tuesday, October 13th — the same day as the Quest 2.

Rez Infinite has been a VR staple ever since it launched alongside the PlayStation VR in 2016, subsequently making appearances on PC and Google Daydream. It’s a VR remake of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s trippy musical shooter for the Dreamcast and PS2; the PC and PS4 versions can be played in 2D as well, but the Quest version is of course VR-only.

I’ve played through the Quest version of Rez Infinite, and it’s what you’d expect — a solid conversion of a great game that doesn’t need ultra-strong hardware to run effectively. The controls work well, and performance held up fine for me beyond a couple of minor hitches when things got hectic. The Infinite-exclusive Area X stage also appears to be running at a lower resolution than the rest of the game, though it still looks gorgeous.

I do wonder how it’d compare on the Quest 2, since I’m still waiting for my order to ship. The screen-door effect is somewhat in evidence on my original Quest, and if this version runs at a higher resolution on the Quest 2’s sharper LCD, the image quality should be a fair bit improved. Then again, Rez is a vibrant, high-contrast game with a lot of black backgrounds, so the original Quest’s OLED panels might be missed.

In any case, Rez Infinite is a must-play game on any platform, and like Enhance’s recent Tetris Effect port, the Quest version is a great option if you’re fine with only playing it in VR. It’s out tomorrow for $19.99.