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Blue’s World of Warcraft themed Yeti mic has voice filters to make you sound like an orc

Blue’s World of Warcraft themed Yeti mic has voice filters to make you sound like an orc


Or a gnome, or an imp, or a murloc

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Logitech subsidiary Blue Microphones has announced a new World of Warcraft special edition of its Yeti X microphone. As well as a gold-and-gray color scheme inspired by the MMORPG, the USB microphone also includes a host of audio samples taken from the game’s upcoming Shadowlands expansion and voice modulation effects that Blue says will make you sound like the game’s assortment of orcs, imps, and gnomes, and more.

These WoW-inspired audio effects are accessed via the Blue Voice software in Logitech’s G Hub platform, which has previously allowed you to tweak the EQ of your voice and apply various effects. Logitech’s says the software makes it easier to “achieve professional on-stream sound quality.” But now, with its new special WoW edition, you can also use it to make you sound like a garbling murloc or even the Lich King himself.

The Yeti X was announced last year

Underneath the special edition color scheme and features, the new microphone appears to be functionally identical to the Yeti X announced last year. It’s plug-and-play on Windows and Mac, and there’s a multi-function control knob for adjusting gain levels or switching between modes surrounded by an LED ring to show your exact level. In a nice twist, the special edition of the microphone uses Warcraft rune designs for these LEDs.

The new special edition microphone will cost $199.99 (£189.99), a relatively small premium compared to the $169.99 original. It’s due to go on sale later this month.