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Go read how Clear plans to infiltrate every part of daily life

Go read how Clear plans to infiltrate every part of daily life


You are You (along with your credit card, passport and driver’s license)

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Denver International Airport scenes
Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

With the pandemic essentially halting travel, Clear — once in the business of streamlining security checks at airports — is now in search of other opportunities. For a company whose bread and butter is biometric identify verification, the solutions lie, well, everywhere, reports Dave Gershgorn for OneZero.

Clear sees its future as an identity platform. The company’s recently launched Health Pass service is just the start, an easy way to capitalize on the need for touchless health screenings, Gershgorn writes. The company plans for a wider implementation of Health Pass post-pandemic. Future uses of quick identity verification could serve an integral part of all transactions from sports arenas to retail stores, verifying age, payment information and much more.

Clear’s ambitions present a... clear danger. How can the company guarantee the safety of its customers’ data? Clear has had such a breach before. Further: should any one company have such a complete picture of a person? It doesn’t take much to imagine what a company flush with customer information could market and it won’t take long either. Plus, Clear’s not the only one in the space: Amazon announced its own take on biometric identity verification last month.

Read the full piece at OneZero for terrifying slides from Clear’s pitch deck. The privacy trade-offs Clear offers in exchange for speed might already be too attractive for vendors to ignore.