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Vivaldi browser gets cyberpunk side-scroller to rival Google Chrome’s dinosaur game

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Vivaldia is available across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Chromium-based browser Vivaldi now comes with a built-in game called Vivaldia, a retro side-scroller set in a cyberpunk universe. The game is available with version 3.4 of the browser, and can be played both online and offline across Windows, Max, Linux, and Android. You get to it by visiting “vivaldi://game” using Vivaldi’s address bar, but it can also be accessed via a link on the browser’s start page on desktop and Android.

Vivaldia’s gameplay follows a very similar template to Google Chrome’s famous Dinosaur Game, an easter egg which can be accessed whenever the browser can’t connect to the internet. Vivaldia doesn’t automatically appear when you can’t connect to the internet, however, and also features more detailed pixel art graphics as well as enemies that you’re able to shoot at (Vivaldi has a separate game that appears when your connection goes down). If you’re looking to add weapons to Chrome’s dinosaur game, meanwhile, then why not give Dino Swords a try.

Vivaldi’s 3.4 release also comes with a couple of new browser features including configurable context menus and the option to set pages to reload automatically. You can grab it on desktop by downloading it directly from Vivaldi’s site, or on Android from the Google Play Store.