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Lightroom’s enhanced color grading tools are now available

Lightroom’s enhanced color grading tools are now available


Color grade like you’re in Lumetri

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Adobe is updating Lightroom today with revamped color grading tools meant to offer more powerful and flexible ways to adjust an image’s color.

The new tools are similar to those used by video editors in apps like Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, offering separate controls for tweaking colors in an image’s highlights, midtones, and shadows. They replace the more limited “split toning” tool, but the “color mixer” is still sticking around.

The color grading tools are coming to all the major versions of Lightroom on desktop, web, and mobile — the “Classic” version of Lightroom is getting the tools, too. Adobe initially announced the feature last month, but didn’t say when it would be released.

Image: Adobe

Lightroom is getting a handful of other updates today, too. It now supports graphical watermarking (instead of text only), automatic saving of different versions of a photo as you edit it, performance improvements with GPU acceleration on the desktop, and a “best photos” tool that automatically picks shots for you on mobile.

Adobe is also expanding the “Discover” section built into the app — where you can see other users’ photos and edits — by allowing you to follow people and serving up new photos based on what you’ve shown an interest in.