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This $160 Mandalorian Xbox controller isn’t even made with beskar steel

This $160 Mandalorian Xbox controller isn’t even made with beskar steel


But it does have a Mando-themed magnetic charging stand

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Image: Microsoft

If there is anything Xbox excels at better than the competition, it’s having almost every conceivable special edition take on its game consoles and controllers, regardless of whether they’re really worth buying. And just in time for Friday’s premiere of The Mandalorian season two on Disney Plus, Microsoft has taken the wraps off a new themed controller based on the Star Wars spinoff series. The catch: it costs $160.

The controller, which is compatible with existing Xbox One systems and the upcoming Xbox Series X / S systems (as well as PC and mobile), features some of the series’s signature iconography with a design and pattern “reminiscent of beskar steel.” That’s the material out of which Din “Mando” Djarin’s bounty hunter armor is crafted. It also comes with a similarly themed Xbox Pro Charging Stand. But that’s about the extent of the extra benefits you get here for a rather pricey accessory bundle.

Standard versions of the controller and charging stand retail for $60 and $40, respectively, so you are paying a hefty premium to get The Mandalorian-themed ones. And a bit of bad news for those who wanted to get their hands on this sooner rather than later: it’s not launching until December 31st, 2020. But for those who really want to go all in with The Mandalorian’s second season and accessorize their new (or existing) Xbox console this holiday season, this seems like a solid purchase.

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