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Star Wars: Squadrons is getting a Baby Yoda bobblehead

Star Wars: Squadrons is getting a Baby Yoda bobblehead


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The Mandalorian’s second season is fast approaching, and Star Wars: Squadrons is getting a small content update to celebrate. More to the point: the game is adding a Baby Yoda bobblehead that you can put in your in-game cockpit, which immediately catapults to the top of the “best cosmetic DLC added to a game in 2020” list. (Sorry, Marvel Fortnite skins.)

The “Mysterious Creature” statue isn’t the only thing being added to the space flight simulator game. Each of the two factions is getting a new hologram, decal, dashboard statue, and hanging item, for a total of eight new items. (You can see a few of the new options in the image below.) And yes, that does mean that Baby Yoda will be exclusive to New Republic ships like the X-wing or Y-wing; TIE Fighter pilots will sadly have to continue living their lives without the ray of joy that is Baby Yoda adorning their cockpits.

Unfortunately, the Squadrons update will only be limited to cosmetic items. Fans hoping for new gameplay items, like a playable mission that could put players up against the Mandalorian and his own ship, the Razor Crest, will be a bit disappointed.

The Mandalorian content update for Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release on October 28th, followed by season 2 of The Mandalorian on October 30th. Fortunately, it seems that the Baby Yoda accessory already has his own stolen control ball — so you won’t have to worry about him making off with one of yours.