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Build a video game like a Lego set with this new Unity tool

Build a video game like a Lego set with this new Unity tool


A virtual playground for your minifigs

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Lego has paired with game engine maker Unity for a Lego Microgame, where you can snap together virtual bricks to build the environment of your own custom game world. The Microgame is free and requires no prior knowledge of video game programming. All you have to do to get started is follow a Unity tutorial. Once you’ve designed your game to your liking, you can unleash a Lego minifigure to run, jump around, and maybe even perish to an obstacle in your new virtual world.

Creative Mods in Unity will help you do things like build an enemy, customize menus, and change the minifig to an adventurer, pirate, or pizza boy. They’ve worked with BrickLink, so you can further customize by importing sets that have already been built in Studio. There are also asset add-ons like Space Cadet and Danger Zone, which you can unlock by doing things like sharing your game, updating your game, or attending a game jam. 

The Microgame is simple enough that Unity says you can build and customize a 3D game in under an hour. They’ve made it easy to navigate for complete beginners, saying part of their mission involves “making game development more accessible and lowering obstacles for new users.” This looks like a fun way for people who enjoy Lego to try out game making or for people already interested in programming to take a spin with the Unity game engine.