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Sony’s new PlayStation App is seriously clean and lets you do way more remotely

Sony’s new PlayStation App is seriously clean and lets you do way more remotely


Look how clean it looks

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With the PS5 launch roughly two weeks away, Sony has unveiled a redesign for its PlayStation App on iOS and Android, and it makes me very excited to try it out when the new console launches.

Early adopters of the console will have the ability to remotely launch games, sign in to their PS5 directly from the app, and the app will even allow you to remotely manage storage on your console in case you need to make room for a new game to install. Previously, the PlayStation App would let you download games on the PS4, but the app now allows me to download and launch games, plus manage the storage on my PS5.

Based on Sony’s blog post, it looks like PS5 owners will have a lot more freedom to manage their consoles without directly interacting with it. It was such a pain having to shuffle around between multiple PlayStation apps and my PS4 just to take full advantage of all the features Sony provided.

PS5 owners will have a lot more control of their console without directly interacting with it

Theoretically, the new PlayStation App could allow me to buy a game (digitally), free up some storage space, download it, launch it, and check to make sure the software is up to date, all before I actually grab my DualSense controller and start playing. Even better? The new update allows me to message friends, voice chat, and create party groups directly from the app. So if I were preparing to play Call of Duty or Dead by Daylight with friends, I could set everything up through my phone.

The app also adds a new UI that completely overhauls the home screen, and, as you can tell from the images, it looks a lot cleaner now. I think the update makes the app a lot more organized than before.


Since Sony is integrating its messaging system, you no longer need the separate PS Messages app. In fact, PS Messages will no longer be available, but any existing messages and threads from the discontinued app will be carried over into the new PS App update.

The update will start rolling out for iOS and Android devices later today.