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Eve’s light strip is first to support HomeKit’s color-changing adaptive lighting

The feature arrived with iOS 14

The light can now adjust its colors automatically.
Image; Eve

Eve’s smart light strip can now adjust its colors automatically throughout the course of the day thanks to iOS 14’s new Adaptive Lighting feature, the company announced. The light strip is the first product to support the new Apple HomeKit feature, according to Eve, but first requires a firmware update that owners can perform via the Eve app.

Adaptive Lighting is a new HomeKit feature introduced this year which allows compatible smart bulbs to adapt their colors to the time of day, showing warmer hues in the morning and evenings, or cooler ones at midday. Other manufacturers also appear to be working to support the feature, with iphone-ticker reporting (via MacRumors) earlier this month that Philips Hue beta testers in Germany were able to test the feature with their Hue smart bulbs.

Along with the light strip, Eve says its Eve Cam is also getting a couple of extra features thanks to iOS 14, including the ability to detect faces, set activity zones, and stream footage to the Apple TV.