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Xbox Game Bar now lets you track what’s eating up your RAM, CPU, and GPU

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It’s probably chrome.exe

Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 this week, and it now lets you track what apps are taking up precious RAM, CPU, GPU, and disk resources. While there are a number of overlays and apps that can do this already on PCs, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is built into Windows 10, and it’s fairly flexible and lightweight as a result.

The new resources widget keeps track of the top tasks and their associated impacts, rating them low, medium, or high. You can either monitor them by pinning the widget to your desktop or even close off apps without ever tabbing out or leaving a game.

The Xbox Game Bar resources widget.

This resources widget is different to the performance one, which lets you keep an eye on overall system utilization. Microsoft has also added the ability to monitor GPU utilization and GPU memory usage in the performance widget.

Finally, if you’re wondering whether your PC is ready for DirectX 12 Ultimate, there’s a new section in the settings of Xbox Game Bar that will give you an easy answer. DirectX12 Ultimate promises to unify graphics tech for PC gaming and the Xbox Series X, with support for ray tracing, Variable Rate Shading, mesh shaders, and sampler feedback.

The updated Xbox Game Bar is available right now, and if you’re not seeing these widgets yet, check for updates in the Microsoft Store app.