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Netflix just made it easier to find something new to watch

Netflix just made it easier to find something new to watch


A new tab called New & Popular

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Netflix is trying to surface more new shows in one place. The company announced that it’s going to group some of its content rows together into a tab called New & Popular. This section will only show up on TV devices and is rolling out widely after first being tested in April.

The section will group together the New on Netflix row, the Coming Soon row, and the Top 10 row, which is debuted in February and is updated daily. It’ll also include a new row called Worth The Wait that’ll give subscribers a preview of the shows coming to the platform between the next 15 and 365 days.

The Worth The Wait section is especially important for Netflix because it gives users a way to save and set reminders for upcoming shows. That might keep them from leaving the service, even if there isn’t anything immediately available they want to watch. The company grew impressively during its last quarter, adding 10 million subscribers, but it came with newly urgent user-retention problems. Netflix lost subscribers for the first time last year, which, at the time, it blamed on price increases. At the same time, multiple new streaming services have launched this year and last, and competition is steep for well-known titles like Friends and The Office. Netflix needs to do everything it can to keep its subscribers anticipating and excited about new, original content — an effort that will go much further than a new interface panel.