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Avast! Boss Audio’s new weatherproof touchscreen brings CarPlay and Android Auto to boats

Avast! Boss Audio’s new weatherproof touchscreen brings CarPlay and Android Auto to boats


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Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are meant for, well, cars and automobiles, but despite the emphasis on landlubber locomotion, there’s technically no reason that one couldn’t use them for navigating the high seas. And that’s just what Boss Audio’s new aftermarket MRCP9685A head unit promises: a weatherproof module that offers the ability to use CarPlay and Android Auto not just in regular cars, but in off-road vehicles like Jeeps and even boats.

Installing an aftermarket head unit into a boat isn’t a new concept, but getting a weatherproof one that supports both CarPlay or Android Auto and the rigors of the seafaring life is more difficult. At least one enterprising Reddit user has already tried to jury-rig a similar implementation by installing a standard car unit, noting that CarPlay worked “perfectly,” but that they still had some work to do to make everything water-resistant.

But the MRCP9685A neatly dodges that issue: it’s designed with “marine-grade” weatherproofing, meaning you’ll be able to install it in any boat that accepts a standard double DIN head unit. In addition to support for CarPlay and Android Auto (over a standard USB cable, just like a car), the MRCP9685A also features support for Bluetooth audio, rear camera inputs for cars, and an integrated radio tuner.

Of course, being an aftermarket head unit, you’ll still need to install the MRCP9685A yourself (or hire a professional to do it for you). But if you’ve been dying for a way to use Android Nautical or BoatPlay out on the water, Boss Audio’s new setup seems like it could be the answer.

The MRCP9685A is available from Boss Audio’s website for $289.99.