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Slack experienced performance issues for more than six hours

Slack experienced performance issues for more than six hours


Service was in and out for a few hours starting Monday morning

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You’re weren’t imagining it: Slack was acting up for much of the day on Monday. Per an official statement that was posted to Slack’s status site while the issues were happening: “Users are experiencing degraded performance across devices and may be unable to connect.” The outage seemed to be affecting all services across the platform through various parts of the day.

“Our teams are aware and are investigating the issue,” a Slack spokesperson said in an emailed statement earlier on Monday. “We know how important it is for people to stay connected and we are working hard to get everyone running as normal.”

The problems started at 10:05AM ET, and Slack shared updates on its status page throughout the day. More than six hours later, at 4:41PM ET, the company confirmed that things should be back to normal, saying that “we’ve confirmed Slack should be working as expected.”

Update, October 5th, 8:46PM ET: Added confirmation from Slack that the issues should be fixed.