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Kickstarter expands to creators in Poland, Greece, and Slovenia

Kickstarter expands to creators in Poland, Greece, and Slovenia


More potential people on the platform

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Kickstarter is letting more creators around the world use its platform. The company said today it’s now launching in Poland, Greece, and Slovenia, making Kickstarter available in 25 countries. The company says more than 250,000 people from these countries have backed projects since Kickstarter launched, suggesting local projects could appeal to an already established backer base. Additionally, creators from Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland can now choose to fund their projects in their local currency or in euros.

Since the pandemic took hold in the US, the Brooklyn, New York-based company laid off 40 percent of its workforce. Live projects on the platform, at least in April, had dropped 35 percent. At the time, the company said it saw “no clear signs of rebound.”

At the same time, it tried to encourage creators to keep posting projects during the pandemic by launching a program that solicits small-scale projects creators can work on from home. It also started moderating COVID-19 projects to weed out any that pushed misinformation or phony solutions, while still promoting other projects that use the pandemic for good, like social distancing achievement stickers.

Launching in more countries might not fully reverse the decline in projects, but it at least gives Kickstarter a larger reach and more potential for creators to join the platform, which it needs.