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Etsy is banning QAnon merch

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Tech companies continue to strip QAnon from their platforms

Etsy stock

Etsy has pulled merchandise related to radical conspiracy group QAnon from its platform. Insider reported the news today. An Etsy spokesperson told the publication that seller policies prohibit items “that promote hate, incite violence, or promote or endorse harmful misinformation. In accordance with these policies, we are removing items related to ‘QAnon’ from our marketplace.”

As of publishing, searching QAnon or its corresponding acronym WWG1WGA (“where we go one we go all”) on Etsy still brings up links to some merchandise promoting Donald Trump — who the conspiracy falsely claims is fighting against a group of left-wing pedophiles — as well as merch bearing QAnon slogans and more.

Yesterday, Etsy removed merchandise related to far-right group the Proud Boys, which has strong ties to the white supremacy movement; other retailers, such as Amazon, Teespring, and Ebay had already pulled items from their respective platforms.

Facebook completely banned QAnon on Tuesday as well; pages, groups, and Instagram accounts were all stripped from the platform.