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Valorant’s new character Skye lets you summon a magic green pup to scout the map

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The tactical shooter’s third season launches on October 13th

Image: Riot Games

Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant is entering its third season, which the developer is calling Act 3, on October 13th, and we’ve just seen the last of the update’s new additions: an Australian agent named Skye joining the roster and bringing with her some pretty nifty supernatural powers.

The character, a more passive agent with a penchant for nature and non-human companions, can summon birds for scouting and even a dog you can embody and scour the map with to perform reconnaissance and stun opponents.

Skye marks the 13th agent in Valorant’s lineup, and her scouting and healing abilities will surely shake up play quite a bit, which is why Riot is not dropping the character officially until October 27th. That gives the studio a bit of time to prep and ensure no game-breaking bugs or other hurdles arise either from the season’s new maps or from Skye as a playable character before it introduces a potentially meta-changing factor into the competitive field.

In addition to a new agent, Riot is also adding a new map, Icebox, and a customary Act 3 battle pass with a whole slew of new weapon skins and other cosmetics to unlock.