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The Mandalorian’s darkest moment is now available in Funko Pop form

The Mandalorian’s darkest moment is now available in Funko Pop form


Spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2 follow

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Image: Funko

Funko has announced its latest figurine based on The Mandalorian, commemorating our protagonist’s latest seemingly simple job. If you haven’t watched the second episode of the show’s second season, then it looks like an innocent-enough model. Everyone’s favorite Baby Yoda* is excited at the prospect of helping a frog-like alien transport her eggs across the galaxy for fertilization. Cute, right?

Caution, spoilers follow

Except for the fact that Baby Yoda is less interested in transporting these eggs as he is in eating them raw. Now don’t get me wrong: I love myself a poached egg or two, but I like to think I’d hold off on chowing down if their mother desperately needed said eggs to ensure the survival of her species. Baby Yoda might be a cute kid, but he can be a real asshole when he gets a bit peckish.

The Child with Egg Canister figurine is currently listed for $30 on Funko’s online store where it’s listed as sold out. Over on Amazon, however, it’s listed as available to pre-order, and will release on December 31st. It was announced as part of yesterday’s Mando Mondays promotion, a weekly drop of products inspired by the TV show. Other items revealed include a wearable Mandalorian helmet, a Baby Yoda plushie, and clothing items.

*Yes, I know the character’s name is technically “The Child.” You don’t have to tweet at me.