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Apple HomeKit’s adaptive lighting starts rolling out for Philips Hue bulbs

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Colors automatically change through the day

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Philips Hue bulbs can now adjust their lighting automatically throughout the day when used with HomeKit thanks to an update which adds support for Apple’s new Adaptive Lighting feature. Dutch publication iCulture was first to report on the rollout, and we’ve since verified that the update has started rolling out in the Netherlands, but we’re not seeing in the US yet. The feature works with the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance and White Ambiance lights, which are available in a variety of form-factors.

Once updated, the Hue app shows a message explaining how Adaptive Lighting works. “Lights will choose an appropriate colour for the right time of day. Dimming your lights will result in warmer light,” it says, outlining the new HomeKit feature introduced with iOS 14. “Lights will always return to this colour when the power is turned off and on.” For example, lights may show a warmer color in the mornings, or a cooler hue around midday.

A popup will appear in the Home app after the update is installed.
Screenshot: Home app / The Verge
Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance and White Ambiance lights can use the feature.
Screenshot: Home app / The Verge

The rollout of Adaptive Lighting with Hue’s bulbs comes after Eve added support for the feature to its light strip.

Adaptive Lighting is available with version 1941132070 of the Philips Hue Bridge firmware. To update your hardware, go into the Settings menu of the Hue app, select Software Update, and tap Update when it’s available. Then launch the Home app where a message should tell you that the feature is available if you have compatible Hue lights.