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Djay is coming to Arm-based Macs and getting a big update

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Algoriddim’s instrument-isolating feature comes to the Mac

Image: Algoriddim

Music mixing app Djay is getting an update on the Mac today with support for Apple’s new M1 processor. That makes Djay among the first apps to be updated for the debut slate of Arm-based Macs, which launch next week.

The app — full name Djay Pro AI 2.0 — is also getting some major new features, and they’ll be available on traditional Intel-based Macs, too, starting today. The main upgrade is the addition of Neural Mix, a very fun feature that allows the app to automatically isolate the vocals, drums, or other instruments of whatever song is playing. The feature debuted on Djay for the iPad back in June, and it works surprisingly well.

A screenshot of Djay Pro AI 2.0’s Neural Mix effects.
Image: Algoriddim

Now, the feature is being updated to support isolating bass lines, and it’s getting built-in effects that let you manipulate those specific elements as a song is playing. You can add an echo to the vocals or amp up the drums. There are more than 40 effects available. The app’s developer, Algoriddim, is also adding the ability to loop isolated parts of a track and fade between isolated elements of different songs.

The new version of Djay is also universal, which means if you pay for it on the Mac, you’ll also get the app on iOS. Djay is free to get started with, but you’ll have to pay $50 per year to unlock all of its features, including Neural Mix, Automix (a feature that automatically transitions between tracks), and core DJing tools like a four-deck view, built-in loops and samples, and support for DJ controllers.