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Beyond Meat launches new burgers that are juicier and lower in saturated fat

Beyond Meat launches new burgers that are juicier and lower in saturated fat


More varieties to match traditional burgers

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Image: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is keeping up its rapid pace of iterating on plant-based meat alternatives, with two new versions of its Beyond Burger being announced today: one that’s supposed to be juicier and another that cuts down on saturated fats.

Grocery stores traditionally offer multiple blends of lean meat and fat in beef products, and Beyond Meat says its new burgers are an attempt to offer similar choices. Beyond says the new juicier patty has 35 percent less saturated fat than the average 80 / 20 (80 percent lean to 20 percent fat) beef burger. The other option comes in even lower, with 55 percent less saturated fat but slightly less juicy results. Beyond says these new burgers will also maintain the same savory flavor and lower caloric content of its previous versions.

Beyond hasn’t added or removed ingredients to make this happen; instead, it modified the way peas, beans, oils, and grains are processed and layered into the final product. Beyond believes the new patties will appeal to a wider range of nutritional needs — while rapidly iterating toward the goal of a sustainable product that’s satisfying to meat lovers, as CEO Ethan Brown shared with us last year.

A new product announcement is just the latest in what’s been an eventful year for the company. During the early part of COVID-19 lockdowns, sales of plant-based meats surged up 264 percent. To help adapt to long-term COVID-19 shopping habits, the company also launched a direct-to-consumer online store in August. Perhaps the biggest thing on the horizon is a potential new opportunity — McDonald’s newly announced “McPlant” plant-based burger was “co-created” with Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat will preview its new burgers at events in Los Angeles from November 18th through the 20th, with the goal of launching the burgers in early 2021 so you can try them for yourself.