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The baby blue Google Pixel 4A is real, and you can buy one right now

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$349 for an unlocked model, no Google Fi offers

If you’ve been put off by the astoundingly excellent-for-$349 Google Pixel 4A because it only comes in black, you should know that’s no longer true. In September, we got wind that Google originally intended to offer a baby blue color, too, and you can now officially buy it at Google’s website for the same $349 price — orange power button and all.

It’s apparently a limited edition product since Google’s saying it’ll only be available “while supplies last” on its product page. Perhaps that’s why the color didn’t arrive at launch?

A taller image of the Pixel 4A in “barely blue.”
Image: Google

Either way, if you want one, now’s probably the time. There are no Google Fi discounts on this one, sadly, so I’m sticking with my original black model. But if you’re in the market for a new phone, $349 isn’t a lot to pay for one this good.

And before you ask, no, the pricier Pixel 4A 5G doesn’t have a baby blue option. You can get it in white from Verizon, though.