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Nintendo’s collaboration with Champion includes bright red Mario overalls

And a tie-dye Toad shirt

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo and Champion are attempting to turn Mario into a style icon with a new collaboration. As part of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, the two companies have announced a limited edition capsule collection that mashes streetwear with the Mushroom Kingdom. The highlight is a pair of bright red overalls, but there’s also a tie-dye Toad shirt, T-shirts with classic Mario box art, and a Princess Peach hoodie.

Nintendo says the gear will go on sale starting on November 18th in the US, with prices ranging from $30 to $150. Certain pieces, like the overalls, will only be available in “super-limited” quantities.

The collaboration is the latest in a very Mario-themed year for Nintendo. To celebrate the franchise’s anniversary, the developer has re-released classic 3D Super Mario games, launched a Mario battle royale, and designed a modern take on the original Game & Watch handheld.

Champion, meanwhile, has also been getting into gaming: earlier this year, the company released oversized hoodies specifically for gamers.