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EV charging network ChargePoint adds Apple CarPlay support

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Find a station and start charging from your car’s infotainment screen

Your car’s infotainment screen will show information about nearby chargers and help you get to them.
Image: ChargePoint

EV charging network provider ChargePoint is now tightly integrated with Apple CarPlay. That means drivers can now find a ChargePoint charging station, navigate to it, and start a charging session from their car’s infotainment screen without having to pick up their phone while traveling to launch the ChargePoint app. The feature is available starting today in the USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

ChargePoint says available EV chargers can be displayed on a map where drivers can find recently used stations, favorites, or filter their options based on cost, availability, and plug type. They’ll also be able to see a charger’s status, and navigate to its location using the app. Once there, drivers can start a charging session, or join a waitlist if no chargers are currently available. They can do this all from the car’s interface, without having to flip between different apps and services.

A map of chargers can be filtered based on which chargers work with your car.
Image: ChargePoint

ChargePoint has one of the largest charging networks across North America and Europe, and the company says it now has over a hundred thousand charging locations. In order to get the new CarPlay functionality, your phone needs to be updated to iOS 14 and have the latest version of the ChargePoint app. Although the company’s app does not currently integrate with Android Auto, it hinted that the functionality is on the way.